How We Do


When you enter Savvy Seconds and 1st's you are always greeted with personalized attention. We want to get to know you, what you like or dislike and how you approach fashion in order to help you choose the very best items that fit your style. We suggest that you experiment with items that you might not normally try on to create a unique look that will turn heads. Most importantly, we want you to be  comfortable with what you wear, because confidence is the best accessory.

​We precisely curated our merchandise to bring you our very best finds from around the Chicagoland area, selling both authentic vintage gems and modern designer brands. However, our items aren't for the timid. We specialize in bold color, prints and fabrics and we love mixin' those up together, taking it even a step further!

The most told phrase from our clients is that the merchandise they have bought from us gets them the most compliments!! We plan to keep it this way.

Always appreciative of donations during store hours